Man, Have I been ABSENT!!!

Hello everyone!

Been over two years since I posted anything.....got wicked distracted by shiny objects with my icon! Haha!! No really, life got really busy then got really slow where I recovered from the busy and then life got really busy again but with sides of stressful and ugly. Now I have come back to the land of fan fiction and live journal and my mental health is slowly, slowly improving. Woohoo!! I been trying to find some of the stories I have read in the past but having a hard time remembering authors and titles so the process is going slow. Bummer! But the silver lining is that I am finding a lot more stories to read.

Well I probably bored the 2 people that read this....so off I go to clean my house! Until next time or maybe two years from now.
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Man, Have I been absent!


Merry Christmas!!

I know that it has been a long time since I have posted anything....a little over a year! I have gotten into some new shows and also been trying to find old tv shows and movies on DVDs. So I have not been reading as much as I liked to but I am hoping to get back to my stories soon.

Work has been good but we are expecting some serious overtime in the new year so I am trying to get myself ready for that. I am also trying to be more healthly...I have not worked out in awhile because of the holidays but I am going to get back to it when they are over. So far I am on track and satisfied with my progress.

Well got to go but hope everyone has a safe and fun Christmas and also a Happy New Year!
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Another Post or a Ramble. You decide.

Hello Everyone!

It has been a couple of months since I have posted but things have been kinda crazy for me. Work has it's up and downs. Some weeks it's super busy and other weeks it is snail crawling slow. I also have been trying to take time just to enjoy doing what I want to do and try not to have regrets. I think I am off to a good start.:)

I got my car a couple of months ago and I am still getting use to having one again. I also have a name for him - Wallace or Wall-e for short. Since I think I got some much needed independence and freedom because of him, the name comes from the movie Braveheart. Also really liked the movie Wall-E.

I have been reading a lot more than usual. Not just stories on the Internet but paperbacks and hardcovers. Right now I am re-reading the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. When ever a new book is released that is part of a series I have to read all the preceding books over again. I want to make sure I have not missed anything and the characters are more easy to keep track of. Also they are great books so it is a treat to read them again.

I have also been thinking of picking up drawing again. I use to draw in high school and the beginning of college but life and work got in the way and I stopped. I don't think I am that great but sometimes I would draw something and surprise myself with how decent it was. No regrets right, so maybe.....

I also have a spark of a story rattling around in my brain that I am writing down but I "think" better than I write, if that makes any sense?.? Will see how that turns out.

Well I think I posted enough (or rambled enough) and I don't want to bore y'all too much so until the next time.....No Regrets and Happy Living!:p
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Got my Car!

Got my car! Got my car! So happy to have gotten my car. Have not had a car for about 3 years. Was tired of taking the bus or getting rides from friends and family. It is a silver 2012 Madza 3i. It is a baby, had 11 miles when I got it and now only has 300 miles on it. (Went joy riding!) I have never had a new car or a car with less than 10000 miles on it. There is a little wrinkle that is putting a damper on my happiness, it been raining here and it is a construction zone at my work so there is dust and mud on my baby! Can not wait to get it clean so it can look all new and shiny!

Work is still a challenge. Been working a lot of overtime and the project that was suppose to be finished in December is still going strong! It is bearable because even though we are a small group, 8 people, we are a dedicated and CRAZY bunch! We make each other laugh and help each other get through the tough times.

Been reading some of my favorite books again and really enjoying the chance to rediscover the characters all over again. Some the scenes still make me cry. Laugh. Scared. Hats off to the authors that can make me feel those emotions even after 20 years. *tipping hat* :0)

Well need to wash my dinner dishes so better go. Until next time, everyone have happy reading or writing!
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New Year! Maybe a New Me?

Happy New Year! Has been awhile since I posted but nothing major happening. I am hopeful that the new year will bring a lot of wonderful things. To help with that some of my resolutions are to get out of my shell more, have more fun and be less serious, take "day" trips (when I get my car), cook more and basically put me first. Last year I helped my family and friends out a lot and had to wait or not do what I wanted to do. Don't get me wrong will still help because I care about them but maybe say 'sorry, not right now' or 'no' more.

Also today one of my co-workers read my Chinese zodiac - I am the monkey, metal monkey to be exact. The characteristics seem to match up pretty well with me. If you want to see what animal you are you can check out the website www.chinesezodiac.com. Do the characteristics match up or is it way off?

Been reading when I can but there never seems to be enough hours in the day to read all the stories I want. The stories that I have found on LJ have made me love the fandoms even more and also got me to read some of my favorite old (great) stories that have not been read in a number of years.

Will try to post more regularly or a least every couple of months but I am living at work so that might be difficult. So until next post hope you write or read some great stories and the New Year is a good one for y'all! :)
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Long time no post......

Man, it's been a crazy 3 months! I been running on fumes and red bull. I want to get a new car so I got a second job. The sleep has all but disappeared and the work has gotten all RUSH, RUSH!

My birthday was in September but was unable to take off like I normally do so I really, really want to just take two weeks and disappear - not worry about work, family troubles, and money. Just find a place and be zen like. But much to my crying self I will be unable to for a couple of months. (If I am lucky!) I did go out on my birthday, something I normally don't do - not a dancer (it's a crime to call what I do dancing!) and I don't want to be picked-up by a drunken stranger that's only looking for one thing. But it was fun and I also dressed up more then I normally do - more girlie. ,)

Have been reading when I am able and so far found some great stories on LJ and FF. I do have some books that I bought on my iPad and at the store that I have not had the time to read much look at. :( Which is weird since I can read them anytime I want without looking and being in a wi-fi zone. :?

Will got to get ready for the day but everyone try to have a wonderful day, week, month, or year. Just depends on when I post again! BYE!
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Happy 4th!


Happy July 4th! Hope that it is a fun and safe holiday to all that will celebrate. Also hope that you can pop fireworks...in Austin since it's been so dry no downtown firework show. :(

It has been awhile since I posted but I really had nothing big to write and June was kinda blank so....

Went to see the new X-Men movie and it was okay, not great but way better then the last X-Men movie where they killed everyone off. They made a lot of references to the first movie but one of guys that produced it was involved in both movies so kinda expected it. Saw the new Twilight trailer and can't wait to see it but it sucks that have to wait a year to see part 2. :(

Well I think I rambled enough so until next time...please keep reading or writing...which ever you fancy! ;)
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I'm alive!

Well it's been a couple of months but I am alive and well...but I think a little less sane then I was before! .p

I had a second job and was getting about 4 hours of sleep a day, that was an experience. Read a little on the weekend, when I was not having 15 hour marathon sleep sessions! Lately been getting back to my regular schedule and catching up on my lj and fanfic reading. Had some updates to stories that I love and read over and over regularly. I've got to give all the writers a hugh shout out for the stories they write, they help to make me relax and let all the problems and stress in my life go away for awhile. So THANK YOU!

Watched Fast Five and Thor lately and they were good, hope to see The Priest this weekend but who knows. Also been on You Tube and found some movies and shows that I would never have seen if not for a couple of good people that decided to post. So good job mates!

Well got to go but hopefully will ramble some more soon! ;)
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